Charlie The Dog

Charlie The DogEvery great team needs a mascot and we’ve been lucky to have the most handsome, slobberiest, lovable local mascot around for years. He’s Charlie — and he’s about as local as they come.

Charlie loves all things Coronado — including Coronado’s famed dog beach, Vetter Park (a great place to take your pups if you haven’t yet been) and of course Orange Avenue for lengthier strolls. Coronado — in fact — is a dog lover’s paradise.

Locals love and know Charlie and he loves them back. Many a meeting are held between Charlie and his favorite admirers (white picket fence usually included).

Charlie also ventures to San Diego from time to time, in fact some of his best friends play in South Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Charlie’s not one for glamorous head shots, he hates lengthy contracts and he’d rather hit the park than read up on the latest real estate trends. But our team — and Coronado Island at large —  just wouldn’t be complete without him.

Our furry team member is just one more thing that makes us a little lighthearted, a little bit different and a lot more fun. Roof!