Sarah Metzger

SarahMetzgerOnline media and marketing specialist Sarah Metzger has spent the last 5 years building, fostering and marketing successful brands that solve problems and help people.

Sarah started her professional career in entertainment public relations, working with top talent in the industry within the reputation, issues management and strategic communications sector.

Soon Sarah went on to explore an online media start-up opportunity where she was able to sharpen and build upon her innate communication and branding skills. During her start-up days, Sarah worked closely with developers and designers to create the brand vision for a burgeoning social media site and see this vision through to public launch. She helped create the site’s go-to-market strategy, most notably helping to oversee a successful media-tailored national launch event featuring celebrity Lauren Conrad.

Next was a long and fulfilling chapter at a Los Angeles-based startup (often recognized by those in the media space for being one of the most publicized tech IPOs in recent years). Sarah started in the content production department of the company — helping craft and oversee editorial production for multiple consumer web brands and licensing partners. In her role there, she successfully championed editorial vision alongside a team of over 14,000 freelance writers.

Soon Sarah was offered the opportunity to work for one of the most recognized and lauded web brands: LIVESTRONG.COM. There, Sarah lead the editorial vision for the site (which boasts over 11.9 million monthly unique users). Outstanding experiences included leading the editorial arm of a site re-branding, producing a celebrity-driven video series, working alongside the Lance Armstrong Foundation on new collaborative initiatives, creating the site’s new mission statement and consumer-facing tag line, helping secure and deliver on multiple content projects for branded ad sale campaigns and helping build and market the leading smoking cessation mobile application, MyQuit Coach.™

Eager to move home to paradise — Sarah recently left Los Angeles to return to San Diego, California.

Today, Sarah regularly works with businesses and entrepreneurs in need of a strong product, marketing and media professional. She also manages the online marketing and media presence for The Coronado Real Estate Team.

Sarah hopes to demystify the world of real estate for prospective home buyers and to empower today’s discerning clientele with a more modern approach to the business. She believes that her superb communication & marketing skills, paired with technological & media savvy and a passion for all things real estate will make her a refreshingly well-rounded option for today’s emerging buyers and sellers.